Study Shows Strong Correlation Between Ambien Usage and Moon Lake Residency


A study released on Friday shows a strong positive correlation between Ambien usage and Moon Lake residency.

The study from the University of South Florida concluded that Ambien usage, including dosage and frequency of use, is strongly associated with the likelihood of living in Moon Lake. USF Professor of Demographic Pharmacology, Dr. Johnathan Wilkes, described the findings of the study.

For this study we surveyed 76 Moon Lake residents and found that exactly 82% of them were Ambien users. We also found that 62% of the Ambien-using participants used the drug more than twice a day. Our study concluded that there is a .82 correlation between Moon Lake residency and the likelihood of using Ambien.

While Professor Wilkes expressed the need for further research on the matter, he stated that the study’s findings might help researchers formulate future epidemiological studies to see how the side effects of Ambien may affect the behavior and attitudes of Moon Lake residents at large.

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