Port Richey Mall Expecting Significant Boost After Changing Name to ‘Gulf View Square Flea Market’


On Friday, Namdar Realty Group announced that it has finally officially changed the name of its infamous Gulf View Square Mall to ‘Gulf View Square Flea Market’.

Namdar CEO Ricky Buchinski said that the decision was made in order to “better accommodate the expectations of the community”. He added that the change will fill the “financial, cultural, and emotional void” brought on by the Hudson flea market closure in 2017.

The decision was really an easy one to make. The mall has recently devolved into a de-facto flea market anyways. So all that the transition requires is to change the name. The interior, vendors, and overall atmosphere is already complete and has been for a while now.

One local source confirmed that speculators have been anticipating the minor name change for about the last 10 years. According to one study published by Pasco Hernando State College, Gulf View’s name change is expected to increase sales up to 47%. Gulf View Flea Market will retain the original hours and vendors of its former mall.

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    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am in-house counsel for Namdar Realty Group LLC (“Namdar”) as well as Gulf View Realty LLC, Gulf View CH LLC and Gulf View Nassim LLC (collectively, “Gulf View”), the owners of the Gulf View Square Mall, located in Port Richey, FL (the “Mall”). Reference is made to The Pasco Pelican’s January 26, 2019 article titled Port Richey Mall Expecting Significant Boost After Changed Name to ‘Gulf View Square Flea Market’.

    Please be advised that the contents of The Pasco Pelican’s article are false and defamatory. Neither Namdar nor Gulf View have any -plans to re-name the Mall. The article falsely and maliciously quotes an individual who has no affiliation with Namdar or Gulf View to buttress its proffered falsehoods. The article will compromise relationships and cause confusion among the Mall and its employees, tenants and customers. Even if the Pasco Pelican were a “satire” website – which is entirely unclear from its website or the content of the article – the damage this article has already caused and will continue to cause is not easily quantifiable.

    Namdar and Gulf View hereby demand that The Pasco Pelican retract its article and expunge it from its website immediately.

    This letter is being sent without waiver of Namdar and Gulf View’s rights and remedies, all of which are hereby expressly reserved.

    Very truly yours,

    Joshua S. Hackman

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