Trinity College of Florida Unveils Statue of Billy Graham Nicknamed ‘The Golden Graham’


On Thanksgiving Day, faculty at Trinity College of Florida unveiled a towering 120 foot-high golden statue of the famous evangelist Billy Graham, the college’s most well-known graduate.

The statue, located in the campus’ main courtyard, attracted a slew of faculty and students at its unveiling on Thursday. Tears of gratitude and endearing thanks filled the eyes of dozens at the dedication ceremony immediately following the highly-anticipated unveiling.

Dr. Joel Biscotti, director of Celebrity Connections at Trinity College, dedicated the statue. His kind words reflect the climate of Trinity College as a whole.

Today we come together to give thanks for a man who became the most effective selling point in the history of Trinity College of Florida. He did a lot of other good things I guess, but his most exemplary feat by far was his decision to attend the prestigious Trinity College of Florida. One can hardly imagine how ineffective his evangelism would have been, what an absolute failure he would amounted to, if he had not received the rigorous training that he did from Trinity College of Florida. But today we focus on what was, not could have been. Students of Trinity College, listen carefully. When your children’s children ask you some obsolete question like, ‘How many quarts are in a liter?’, or, ‘What’s the meaning of life?’, or, ‘Can we go to Wendy’s?’, I trust that your answer will all be the same. It will be a resounding and unshaken, ‘Billy Graham went to Trinity!’ Then, and only then, will you experience what it truly means to be a Trinity Tiger.

The Trinity-based Bible college is projecting a 37% increase in attendance from the addition of the statue, which has been lovingly nicknamed, ‘The Golden Graham’. College faculty also plan to raise funds for future marketing ventures by charging members of the public a ‘love offering fee’ in order to touch or take photos of the statue.

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