Al Gore Credits Florida Not Being Underwater to Dade City Snow Park


Florida’s first-and-only snow park opened in Dade City on Friday, ushering in an an avalanche of accolades from environmental activists, including former president-elect Al Gore.

According to Gore, the creation of the snow park came just in time, apparently just days before Florida would begin sinking to its watery doom. Gore explained that the only reason his doomsday global warming prediction regarding Florida being underwater is the creation of the Snowcat Ridge snow park in Dade City.

According to experts, the creation of snow parks is a ‘highly-plausible method’ of reversing the effects of climate change. Gore has recommended the mandatory building of similar snow parks in states where carbon emissions are on the rise in an effort to offset the effects on the climate.

My prediction regarding the tides rising enough to submerge much of coastal Florida was just about to come true, before the timely creation of the ‘Snowcat Ridge’ snow park. The park has effectively halted and even reversed the effects of global warming in Florida. It’s for this reason that I recommend the creation of snow parks in other areas of the world that I previously predicted would be underwater at this point.

He added that due to the incredible positive effect on the climate, mass snow-park creation will likely eliminate the need for any other climate-change precautions.

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