Pasco Criminals Receive Generous Royalties for Live PD Appearances

You know the saying “crime doesn’t pay”? Well it turns out that, in Pasco county, it does.

If you are a Pasco criminal, considering getting caught on Live PD. Live PD is a police show that covers police officers across the nation, and Pasco county is a new location for the show. While thousands of Pascoans watched their hometown as a backdrop to recent crime-fighting on Live PD, few were aware of the financial opportunity that this offers.

According to the Pasco Sheriff’s Department of Financial Opportunity for Convicted Criminals (DFOCC), the Live PD royalty program is a fantastic way for convicted criminals to make a quick buck off of their poor decisions. Pasco Sheriff’s DFOCC director Marsha White explained:

“Many people forget that convicted criminals are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. This means that until they are declared guilty, they have just as much right to financial success as anyone else. There’s no reason they shouldn’t be entitled to their fair share of the profits generated from the show.”

The program has already awarded over $7,000 in royalties to the Pasco residents who were cited and arrested on the first few episodes.

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