New ‘Volleybrawl’ Wii-U Game to Feature River Ridge and Ridgewood High Schools


Nintendo is looking to capitalize on the strong animosity between River Ridge and Ridgewood fans by releasing a video game based on the 2009 brawl between the fans of the two volleyball teams that became known as “Volleybrawl”

The game characters include the two schools’ mascots- the Royal Knights and the Rams, but also include realistic characters from the 2009 Volleybrawl incident. These include Attention-Seeking Student, Emotionally-Unstable Mom, Confused Athlete, and Police Officer. Players can choose between having an all-out melee in the River Ridge or Ridgewood high gymnasiums, and can toggle the settings for Police presence.

The game is entitled ‘Super Smash Bros – Volleybrawl Edition’ and is scheduled for release for the Wii-U console in early December.

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