West Pasco Visitor Honestly Perplexed by Size of Little Road


Visitor Allen Rutfield became extremely confused on Wednesday after discovering the sheer size of Little Road in Pasco. According to firsthand sources, as soon as Rutfield laid eyes on the road, he stared in amazement for over 20 minutes.

Rutfield later posted on Facebook,

Was visiting a rough area of Florida today called ‘Pasco’ when I saw a road named Little Road. I had heard of it before from my friends in the area, but thought that it was either an urban myth, or an actual road for little people. Well, I drove on it today. Get this – not only is it’s width normal, but it is actually longer than most other roads in the county! Only someone from Pasco would name a big road ‘Little Road’.

Although Rutfield announced that he is considering filing a lawsuit against Pasco county for false advertising due to the “incredibly misleading” name, he has not yet finalized his decision.

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