Florida Teen Totally Understands Northern Winters After Slight Chill


On Monday, Florida teen Lizzy Fuller reported that she completely understands what Northerners experience in wintertime due to her having to put on a jacket during the recent chill. Temperatures in parts of Florida dropped to the 40s, leaving Florida natives like Fuller wondering if they would survive, and where they stored their jackets last winter.

She tweeted:

“I walked outside to go to school, and I felt something that I hadn’t felt for a year. It felt like a little leprechaun was rubbing ice cubes all over me. I felt so oppressed. I had to go back inside, hunt through my closet for a jacket, and actually put it on. Like, that’s crazy! I totally get what all those New Yorkers and Eskimos are going through now.”

She also added that her heart “totes goes out” to anyone affected by temperatures lower than 85 degrees.

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