Port Richey City Government Holds Essay Contest to Find New Mayor


The City of Port Richey is seeking applicants for City Mayor in a unique way – an essay contest.

City manager Vincent Lupo posted the instructions to Port Richey hopefuls on the Port Richey Government Facebook Page.

It reads:

*Attention non-felons of Port Richey*

Are you looking for something fun to do in your free time? Bored to no end? Don’t plan on committing a felony while in office? Look no further! Port Richey needs YOU to be our next Mayor.

Put your commitment to Port Richey on display by writing a short essay about why you should be our next Mayor.

Vincent assured applicants that they would only be judged by the cleanliness of their record and not on essay content, grammar, spelling, or even their ability to write.

All we ask for the Mayoral application process is that you definitely aren’t a criminal, and you do your best. If you have a hard time writing, feel free to record a video, dictate to a personal writer, or draw a picture.

He explained that the essay-styled application process was simply a vetting process to find law-abiding Port Richey Mayoral prospects, which he says are “in short supply these days.”

Applicants are asked to post their essays on the comment section of this article.

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