In Effort to Improve Atmosphere, Gulf View Square Flea Market Now Letting Pets Defecate on Floors


While most detest doggy dung as something disgusting to dodge, the owners of Gulf View Square Flea Market discern dollar signs in the doo doo droppings.

In an attempt to improve the image of their establishment, owners of Gulf View Square Flea Market have implemented a policy allowing customers’ pets to relieve themselves on the floor.

Gulf View Realty and Namdar Realty CEO Ricky Buchinsky explained the decision in an email to tenants.

As you have probably noticed, ever since we changed our name to ‘Gulf View Square Flea Market’ we’ve experienced a significant increase in our customer count. Since then, we’ve been working hard to accommodate the unique needs of our new customer base.

Corporate leadership and I have realized that our former policy of prohibiting pets from defecating on our floors is antiquated, unnecessary, and downright tyrannical. Our customers ought to be able to give us their money without the risk of being told that their dog can’t take a dump on our floors.

In order to successfully implement this new and exciting change, we ask the you neither touch nor disturb the piles of pet poo, as they will help improve the smell and overall air quality in our stores at no cost to us. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to a continued increase in sales throughout the next year as we implement this new policy.

Gulf View executives said they anticipate ‘unprecedented and explosive’ sales growth from the change.

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