Pasco to Consider Adding Hand Soap to All Park Restrooms to Combat Coronavirus


Drastic times call for drastic measures. In order to protect against coronovirus, Pasco County public health officials are considering a proposal that would equip all public parks in Pasco with a working hand soap dispenser.

Lake Lisa Park, located in the heart of Port Richey, attracts hundreds of visitors a week. Although the park has been without hand soap in its restrooms for some time, there have been no confirmed cases of coronavirus linked to the park.

Pasco officials believe that providing the luxury amenity might help give extra assurance to its citizenry. Head of Infectious Diseases at the Pasco County Health Department, Jim Stein, explained the rationale behind the extreme proposal.

“Although the costs behind this proposal are significant, approximately $20 for each dispenser, implementing extreme measures like this are necessary to flatten the curve and hopefully stall the pandemic.”

Until the measure is approved, Pasco citizens are being asked to bring their own hand sanitizer to park restrooms that may or may not have hand soap, like those at Lake Lisa.

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