Pasco School Board to Decide Whether to Allow Biological Boys to Pee on Girls’ Toilet Seats


A slippery slope, or a trickle of tolerance? Pending Pasco school board legislation is taking aim at girls’ toilets.

The Pasco County School Board is sitting on legislation that would allow biological boys several unbridled liberties in girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms. It would grant boys the rights to pee on girls’ toilet seats, fumigate girls’ locker rooms with AXE deoderant spray, and even write offensive, threatening messages on the girls’ toilets and lockers.

While such actions have been commonplace in boys’ locker rooms and restrooms since the dawn of time, due to anti-discrimination claims submitted to the school board, boys may soon be able to spread these practices liberally into female venues.

Karen Langstein, parent of a seventh-grade student at Chasco Middle School, argues that such legislation misses the mark and will likely create a ‘ very messy situation’ in the Pasco County school system.

I’m all for students being themselves. However, there are literally hundreds of ways for boys to express themselves without peeing on toilet seats that my daughter will sit on. The fact that teenage boys feel the need to drench toilet seats in their pee, self medicate with AXE spray, and write horrifying, non-sensical things on walls, is not something that my daughter should have to learn from experience. These are conversations that the parents should have with their daughters when they are ready.

The Pasco School Board is expected to vote on the legislation, which is expected to have a widespread, potent impact on Pasco County middle and high schools, within the month.

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