Pasco County Public Transportation Installs ‘Hood Hooks’ to Better Accomodate Moon Lake Riders


Looking for a convenient place hang your hood or stash your sash? Pasco County is making room for Moon Lakers on its public busses.

On Wednesday, Pasco County Public Transportation installed new ‘hood hooks’ in all of its busses that service Pasco’s Moon Lake area. The decision was made in order to free up space for other riders and to combat a nuissance phenomenon known as “hood spreading”.

Director of Public Accomodation at Pasco County Public Transportation, Allie Sochkin, explained.

Our goal at PCPT is to make space for all Pasco residents. We began to notice that Moon Lake riders freqeuently carried extra attire and accessories with them on their rides : hoods, sashes, robes, and more. These extra belongings began to crowd up the seats on our busses, leading to what we call “hood spreading”, where a rider takes up an entire extra seat by obstructing it with a hood. To combat this disruption, we’ve installed hooks in our busses on Moon Lake routes, to ensure that our riders have appropriate storage for all of their accessories.

This solution not only better accomodates our Moon Lake riders, but also promotes intimacy and inclusion by freeing up seats immediately next to the Moon Lakers. We trust that this will lead to many productive conversations between folks that generally may not sit next to each other on our routes.

Although Moon Lake ridership has increased slightly since the installation, experts agree that substantial growth among the Moon Lake population will only occur once PCPT begins to service the heavily wooded backroads of the area.

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