Lakeside Woodlands Converts Massive Depressions into Community Pools


Who says depressions have to be depressing? Lakeside Woodlands residents are turning their sinkholes into swimming holes.

After officials identified 36 depressions in the Lakeside Woodlands community, residents began the process of converting them into community swimming pools, an amenity the neighborhood has never had before. Residents say those with property abutting the depressions dropped hoses into them and began filling them up almost immediately after they opened up.

5 year Lakeside Woodlands resident Johnathan Cartell expressed the sentiment of the sinkhole swimming hole supporters.

When we first heard about the depressions opening up, many of us were really worried about how it would affect our property values. But then we realized we could offset this with the addition of a pool. Everyone knows that pools increase property values. Look, we’ve never had a pool of our own before. It’s a refreshing change. We won’t have to sneak into the Beacon Woods rec center anymore.

Local officials applauded Lakeside Woodlands residents for their creativity in dealing with depressions, but also issued a slight warning about the safety of swimming in the converted depression-pools.

The Pasco County Sheriffs Office issued the following warning via twitter on Thursday.

Pretty awesome that Lakeside Woodlands made a pool out of their depressions. Technically speaking, it may be a little unsafe to swim in the pools, due to the absence of lifeguards. So if you’re going to do it, just be careful. YOLO though, amirite?

The Lakeside Woodlands HOA is currently recruiting pool-filler volunteers to fill the depressions with water and chlorine immediately after they are discovered. Prospective volunteers are asked to visit the Lakeside Woodlands playground with large buckets for hauling water, along with appropriate swimming attire.

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