Millions of Tampa Bay Lightning Fans Materialize Out of Thin Air


According to multiple sources, millions of Tampa Bay Lightning fans have appeared from out of nowhere in various locations throughout Tampa Bay in recent weeks. The sudden appearance of these undoubtedly die-hard hockey fans seems to have coincided with the Tampa Bay Lightning landing a place in the 2018 NFL playoffs.

While the inexplicable materialization of millions of Lightning fans out of thin air has raised many questions, experts say that it is no cause for concern.

Professor of Bandwagonology at the University of South Florida, Fanfer Amunth, explained:

Although lifelong Lightning fans might be shocked and confused by the sudden appearance of self-professed die-hard Lightning fans, they can rest assured that there is no foul play involved. It is likely that this same group that appeared suddenly will disappear just as suddenly after either the playoffs or the Stanley Cup, depending on how far the Lightning can go in the postseason this year. We saw the same thing happen in the 2014-2015 season. Once they got in the playoffs, several million fans appeared out of nowhere. After the Lightning’s loss in the Stanley Cup finals that year, my team of researchers were literally unable to locate a single one of those fans. It is a predictable cycle.

Only time will tell if the undying devotion of these seasonally-appearing fans will pay off.

Disclaimer : The Pasco Pelican wholly condemns the practice of media outlets using the Tampa Bay Lightning’s presence in the NHL playoffs as an opportunity to advertise Lightning merchandise on their websites, such as through an Amazon affiliate banner advertisement, and thereby collect a small portion of any purchases made by making a purchase through such an advertisement.

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