County Says Not Enough Pawn Shops on US-19; Mandates 1 Per 200 Feet

On Wednesday, Pasco County commissioners passed a resolution mandating 1 pawn shop per 200 feet along US-19. The commissioners said the decision was due to the “obvious fact” that there are simply not enough pawn shops on US-19 as it is. A county-released statement commenting on the resolution reads:
“Due to the overwhelming amount of high-quality and ethical business that pawn shops bring to our county, we hereby find that the citizens of West Pasco are worse off without a pawn shop on literally every corner. This is just one small step in our expedition towards a veritable utopia in Pasco.”
The only exception to the new mandate will be existing thrift stores along US-19, which the county claimed is a “close second” in terms of their economic support of Pasco county.

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