Andrew Gillum Spotted in Historic Communist Photograph


Andrew Gillum’s popularity among Florida democrats reached new heights on Tuesday after sources identified him in an old photograph among prominent communist leaders. The photo shows Gillum hanging out with several old friends including Stalin, Lenin, and Mao.

The discovery of Gillum’s buddy-buddy relationship with several champions of the working class has invigorated his base at a critical time. With a month left before the election, Gillum’s campaign seeks to highlight what makes him different. Campaign manager Karl Guevara explained,

Although Florida leftists have always appreciated Gillum’s ideological similarities with noble leaders like Stalin and Mao, they were deeply inspired to learn that his relationship to them extended beyond ideas and into physical friendship.

Gillum was visibly flattered by the attention the photo received, and vowed to supporters to continue the legacy of his fallen comrades in his term as Florida Governor.

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