Zika to Face Malaria in Heated Runoff Election


The results of Tuesday’s primary election has led to a runoff between two vying candidates for Florida State House District 37, Zika and Malaria.

The news of this future runoff election quickly created a buzz among locals. Voters had been itching to support their preferred candidates for months, and were shocked to learn that they would need to cast their vote again in a second election.

While both candidates have borrowed from President Trump’s rhetoric of ‘draining the swamp’, the two respective candidates garner support from notably different fans.

While Zika has been taken under the wings of local political figures like Chris Nocco and Wilton Simpson, Malaria’s grassroots tactics have garnered a host of support from the average every-day voter.

When asked whether he is worried about the viral spread of any misinformation from his opponent, Zika correctly responded that ‘no one is immune to it.’

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