Mike Moore Campaign Logo Finds Fitting Home on Toothpaste Tube


The Mike Moore campaign has finally released a long-awaited toothpaste product with the incumbent’s campaign logo printed on its tube. According to campaign officials, using the campaign logo as a toothpaste was a critical aspect of the campaign strategy from the onset of the logo’s design.

Campaign manager Samuel Duncan explained,

We liked what Aquafresh had done with their marketing, and wanted to funnel that into the campaign strategy. So we more or less took the Aquafresh logo, tweaked a few things, and added our own text to it. We knew that sometime down the line, we would release this toothpaste and take the political world by storm. Let’s be honest, what other politician has his own toothpaste?

The similarities between the Aquafresh Toothpaste brand logo and the Mike Moore for County Commission campaign logo are clear.


Campaign officials touted the benefits, and local qualities, of the toothpaste.

The Mike Moore toothpaste is made from only the finest ingredients. It contains a proprietary concoction of naturally-sourced Hudson Beach water and freshly-mined Wesley Chapel fluoride. The packaging is 100% recycled plant material from the Serenova tract.

Only time will tell if the campaign’s investment into toothpaste creation will freshen up Moore’s odds in the upcoming general election.┬áThe toothpaste is available exclusively at Family Dollar’s throughout Pasco County.

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