Jack Mariano’s Former Barber Speaks Out For First Time Since Tragic Haircut; Asks for Forgiveness

Henrico Valdez, former Port Richey barber, told media outlets Saturday that he is the one responsible for Jack Mariano’s “unfortunate” haircut nearly two decades ago. “After all these years, I realized it was finally time to come clean”, he said.

Reporters asked Valdez the obvious question that countless Pasco residents have been wondering for years: what actually happened on that fateful day in 2000? Valdez tearfully recounted the story: “Jack came into the shop asking for a professional-looking haircut. He didn’t know it, but it was my first day cutting hair. I was going for a Hugh Jackman look for him, but it came out looking like, something else…”

The incident occurred at this Port Richey barbershop in late 2000.

One reporter chimed in, “Mr. Valdez, when did you realize you had made a mistake?” After clearing his throat, Valdez responded. “I had made a much bigger cut that I should have right in the middle of his head. It was at that moment that I knew I messed up. But I didn’t know what to do, so I just kept going. I tried to make something presentable out of what I had done.”

When asked how Mariano responded to his haircut-gone-wrong, Valdez replied, “When I turned him around in the chair, he flinched at first. But then, he was very gracious with me, and acted like nothing had happened. I just feel bad because I played it off. I never even apologized!” Valdez then broke down sobbing. He said he was truly sorry, but doesn’t expect Jack Mariano’s forgiveness.”That day, when I went home, I remember looking myself in the mirror and asking myself ‘What have I done?’ Most people don’t know what it’s like to know that you ruined another man’s head. But I’ll tell you right now, it’s a hairy feeling.” Henrico retired from barbering in late 2016.

Jack Mariano has never spoken of the incident publicly. Only time will tell if he will accept Mr. Valdez’ apology.

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