Influx of Snowbirds Causes Boom in Pasco Auto-Towing Industry


Auto towing industry leaders are praising the recent seasonal migration of snowbirds to Pasco county from up North. President of the Pasco County Auto-Towing Industry Association, Harold Frank, stated that this is “the best time of the year” for auto-towers in the Pasco area, due to the high concentration of Northern drivers.

“During this time of the year, we can expect to see at least a 42% increase in wrecks on the road, which means a 42% increase in business for us. We love the snowbirds. The more of them there are, the more money we make. We’re actually considering providing financial incentives to lure more of them to the area.”

While the Canadians, New Englanders, and even Europeans enjoy their seasonal winter retreat to the Pasco area, locals know to stay clear of them while on the roads. Snowbirds are entirely unaware of their significant impact on the local towing industry, as they are too distracted fidgeting with their GPS devices while driving.

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