Pasco Sheriff’s Office Unveils New Tank to Pulverize Homes of Unlicensed Medical Practitioners


Practicing medicine without a license? Your civil liberties will definitely need a checkup after a fateful encounter with this tank.

Sheriff Nocco explained the addition of the tank to the PCSO’s arsenal at a recent press conference.

We recently had an incident that highlighted the need for additional manpower and weaponry when serving arrest warrants for practicing medicine without a license. These are sick, dangerous people folks. They want to murder you and your family for sport. They deserve absolutely no pity. The very fact that we are serving them an arrest warrant for such a heinous crime is proof enough that they are guilty. That’s why we felt the need to buy the tank blow their stuff up.

Nocco also added that previous methods his office used to serve arrest warrants for unlicensed medical practitioners, including shooting at front doors and throwing flashbang grenades in the middle of the night, were simply ‘not getting the job done’ as efficiently as he would have liked. He explained that the tank will have the power to blow up a front door without an officer having to shoot at it with a shotgun beforehand.

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